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Upon exiting the American Media Building in Boca Raton, Florida where several workers have been diagnosed positive for exposure to Anthrax, one of those being fatal, an FBI agent has his protective suit and respirator removed in a designated decontamination Hot-Zone setup outside the building. The infestation is thought to be linked to the 911 terrorist attack on the New York City World Trade Center.

A group of President George W. Bush supporter’s taunt protestors as they leave the Miami Arena in Miami,
Florida after listening to President Bush give a speech. Miami Police put up barricades to keep both groups
separated so as to ward off any clashes. But they remained within shouting distance of each other.

An unidentified pregnant woman is assisted to the backseat of a police squad car by a BSO
Detective in Sunrise, Florida after collapsing with grief in front of the house where her sister was
shot to death in what is believed to be a domestic dispute. The man to the rights brother was also shot
but survived and was taken to a local hospital and was reported to be in critical condition.

The Broward County Fire Rescue’s Honor Guard wheels the casket of fellow veteran Timothy S.
past uniformed personnel on the way into the First Baptist Church of Weston Florida, where the
memorial service will be held. Timothy S. succumb to a long bought with cancer.

As she is lead away from the grave site following the eulogy of her husband Timothy S. a Broward County
Florida Fire Rescue veteran, Jennifer (Left) takes one last look over her shoulder at her husbands casket who
finally lost his long bought with cancer before leaving the cemetery. She is assisted by Timothy’s long-time
friend and coworker Phil K. (Right). Jennifer is clutching a large framed photograph of her late husband.

WWII Veteran Al K. (Right) salutes the American Flag as Korean War Veteran Dick K. (Left)
rises it up the flag poll during a Flag Day Ceremony at the Kirby Stewart American Legion Post in
Bradenton, Florida honoring those who have lost their life’s while serving in the US Military.

Police investigators watch over a Convair 340 Twin Prop plane that went down in Maule Lake located
in Aventura, Florida Saturday Dec. 4, 2004. Nearly missing near by residential buildings and business. The
pilot put the plane down in the lake shortly after taking off from near by Opa-Locka Airport because he
lost power to the left engine. Only the pilot and co-pilot were aboard the plane, neither was injured in the crash.

As they disembark from their aircraft carrier the USS John F. Kennedy for some well deserved R&R
shore leave hula dance Kainoe L. welcomes Capt. Herbert B. and his crew to Port Everglades in
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It has been about 75-days since they have been on dry land.

Mirtha P. (Left) is comforted by her friend Rhonda H. during the funeral of husband Officer
Danny P., who was a Ft. Pierce Florida Police Officer, who was gunned down during a routine traffic
stop. He pulled over an 18-yr old driver going the wrong way down a one-way street. Grabbing Officer
Danny P’s gun, the perpetrator then fired 14-shots. 13-shots struck Officer Danny P. whose vest stopped
four of the bullets. But he was still gravely wounded and died from his gunshot injuries.

Hollywood Firemen watch as Broward County Medical Examiners remove the body identified on the
scene as that of Clarence P. who was thought to be a homeless street-person. He died when the
Royal Palm Hotel a rundown 2-story hotel in Hollywood, Florida caught fire. One of its residents Tom S.
had been drinking with Clarence P. in his room and he Clarence P. sleep on the floor of his room because he
felt bad for Clarence P. because he had no where else to go. Tom S’s roommate woke him to smoke and
flames and the two fled the burning building. He said he forgot Clarence P. was there and he didn’t wake
him too flee. Local neighbors of the hotel were quoted as claiming that the hotel was nothing more then a flophouse for drug dealers, prostitutes, drunks and crack users. They added it’s such a seedy eyesore that
now that it caught fire; they are hoping it gets torn down. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

This is a picture of Navy pilots LCDP Pete H. (Left) and LT Anthony C. looking out the side bay door of an
HS-11 helicopter as it makes its final approach to land on the flight deck of the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy Aircraft Carrier about 28-miles off the coast of Florida. The U.S.S. John F. Kennedy and its crew were headed into Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida some well deserved R&R after being out to sea for about 75 consecutive days.

A distrait Bernice F. (L) turns away as the casket of her late sister Linda F. is
taken out of a hearse by pallbearers for her funeral service at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic
Church in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Linda F. was found dead in her home. Her untimely death
is under investigation by Boca Raton police homicide detectives as a possible murder.