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Fireman's Funeral

This is a picture story of the funeral of 37-yr old Timothy S. a 16-yr Broward County
Fire Rescue veteran. They accompanied a feature story on his years of service before
Timothy had finally succumb and losing his long battle with colon cancer. He was survived
by his wife Jennifer and children, Nicholas, 9, and Alyssa, 6, of Sunrise, Florida.

The unit fire truck that 16-yr Broward County Fire Rescue veteran, Timothy S. worked
from is used to carry his casket to the cemetery where he’ll be laid to rest. It’s being followed
by the family car and then by a procession of vehicles over a mile-long. Local police closed off
the Eastbound side of I-595 so traffic wouldn’t interfere with the procession of cars.

The Broward County Fire Rescues' Honor Guard wheels the casket of fellow
veteran past uniformed personnel on their way into the 1st baptist church
of Weston, Florida where Timothy S's funeral service will be held.

Jennifer S. leans her head back to regain her composure during the funeral service for
her husband. The man to the left is Timothy S. long time friend & co-worker Phil K.

Jennifer addresses those attending her husbands funeral service at 1st Baptist
Church of Weston. Long-time friend & co-worker Phil K. wipes a tear from his eye (Left),
while Fire Rescue Chaplin Rick B. (Right) lends his support.

The Broward County Fire Rescues' Honor Guard load the casket of fellow veteran Timothy S.
onto the fire truck he used to work from which will carry him to his final resting place.

John G. (Left) consoles fellow paramedic Erin K. during the grave site service
for Timothy S. who was one of their instructors at the fire academy.

As she is lead away from his grave site, Jennifer takes one long last look over her
shoulder at her husbands casket before leaving the cemetery. She is assisted by his long-time
friend and co-worker Phil K. She is clutching a large framed photo of her late husband.